About the artist

Born and raised in sunny South Florida, Melissa always dreamed of Autumn leaves and snowy Winter days. Believing in the metaphorical ‘grass would be greener’, she escaped sweltering So-Flo to attend college in one of the coldest, most dismally gray metropolitan areas in the United States.

Years later, after securing a degree in Biomedical Illustration, the negative degree temperatures and downright fatal wind chills still hadn’t derailed Melissa’s quest to experience ‘all’ four seasons. And while she missed the ocean waves, for another three winters she relented the harsh Ohio weather while working at the Cleveland Museum of Natural History, illustrating zoology year-round and leading organ dissections for summer campers.

At last she came to her senses, secured a job as a web developer, and packed up her car and cat to make the cross-country journey back to West Palm Beach. Working remotely, she was now committed to pursuing her lifelong goal of transforming her art into tattoos. She could also swim in the ocean instead of dreaming about it.

With a passion for “old-school” bold, traditional tattoos and technical training in tedious, detail-oriented scientific art, Melissa has a well-rounded approach to her work. Challenge driven, she approaches every tattoo with fresh eyes and a sense of clarity, committed to making each of her client’s visions a reality.

When not tattooing or drawing, Melissa is either writing code to develop websites or can be found swimming in the ocean for extended periods of time… most likely looking for sharks.